Amherst Meditation and Karuna Yoga Buffalo at the Phoenix UCC 1280 North French Rd, Amherst 14228 Traditional Yoga Relaxation & Meditation for Stress-Relief
 Amherst Meditation and Karuna Yoga Buffaloat the Phoenix UCC1280 North French Rd, Amherst 14228Traditional Yoga Relaxation & Meditation for Stress-Relief       

About Karuna Yoga Buffalo

Regular, weekly, Community Classes:

Karuna Yoga Buffalo, now Amherst Meditation,  creates a nurturing environment where you can practice all eight limbs of traditional yoga, including posture, relaxation, meditation and philosophy. With regular practice you will become stronger, more flexible, and more balanced not only in the body but in the mind and spirit as well. However, the practice here is less about "becoming" something than it is about "unbecoming" everything that isn't you. There is a strong focus on quieting the mind and calming the nervous system. Students will practice letting go of fear, pain, sorrow, anger, doubt, guilt, attachment, negative self image and anything else that does not serve them. It is our philosophy that human beings are here on this earth to ENJOY and to learn from life. It is our mission to help each and every one of our yogis cultivate the joy that is within, gain insight into what causes individual suffering, and bring relief to that suffering. 



We Also Bring the PEACE to YOU! 

Karuna Yoga Buffalo offers dozens of On-Site, Specialty Workshops/Classes for Your Group, Workplace, Learning Environment, Health Fairs, etc. We tailor the material to Your Individual Needs (stress-relief, concentration, motivation, general health and well-being) and bring the Peace right to Your Location. Call Jean at (716)432-5857 for more information on designing the best workshop/class for you or email:


About Our Teacher


Jean Stinson has been practicing yoga for over fifteen years and studying mindfulness and eastern philosophy since 1995. She received both her 200 and 500 hour RYT certifications at the Himalayan Institute in Buffalo, NY and continues to deepen her knowledge of traditional yoga, including pranayama and meditation, through daily practice and study. Jean's main influence throughout the years has been Rolf Sovik and the Himalayan Tradition. She also holds a BA with concentrations in both Psychology and Philosophy.


About Our Students

They are the kindest, sweetest warriors I know...and I am honored to serve each and every one of them. No doubt they make the world a better place. ~Jean Stinson



Although there is no substitute for an encouraging guide, you are your own best teacher.




The Karuna Yoga Family






Practice Downward Facing Dog at Home!

Welcome Back! Safely Back! Yay, Yoga! Yay, Mediatation! Yay, Peace! COVID-19/DOH/KYB Protocols: Masks will be worn by both teacher and students, in the building, at all times. Limit one person in a restroom and two people in the hallway as much as possible. Mats will be at least six feet apart with the exception of family members. Bring your own mat and any props you like such as a blanket, eye pillow, meditation cushion, yoga block(s), knee cushion(s), etc. There will be no lending/sharing of mats or props. Students' temperature will be taken prior to entry of each class and a series of questions related to COVID-19 will be administered (please stay home if you feel at all sick).  Students will register/pay online for each class individually to ensure maximum capacity is adhered to and that all present are easily accounted for :). Classes will be limited to nine students. ???'s: Call Jean at (716) 432-5857    Or email us at: We'd love to hear from you!

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