it's a lifestyle
it's a lifestyle
Karuna Yoga Buffalo it's a lifestyle
 Karuna Yoga Buffaloit's a lifestyle       


Bring Peace to Your Body, Mind, and Spirit. Bring Peace to Yourself, Your Community, and the World. Be the Change you Wish to See. It All Starts with You, taking care of YOU...and we are here to help you do just that! 

Yoga Relax (Gentle Yoga)~ Calm the body and quiet the mind

This class is specifically designed to relax the nervous system, refresh the body and quiet the mind. Students can expect an increase in balance, flexibility and strength. Practice will include gentle postures, yogic breathing, relaxation and meditation.

Yoga Reset (All Levels)~ for the body, mind, and spirit​

Yoga Reset helps bring your body back to its perfect state all while soothing the central nervous system. Expect an increase in strength, flexibility, and balance for your body, mind, and spirit. Leave feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, relaxed and confident. Students can expect to practice traditional yoga postures with modifications given for more difficult postures. Welcome to the Karuna Yoga Family.

Yoga Remix (Moderate Difficulty)~ balance, concentrate, commit​

This class will help you explore a moderate (and at times difficult) practice in a gentle way. The focus is on breath awareness as you move yourself toward your edge, just a touch outside your comfort zone...this is how our courage grows. Some yoga experience is recommended. 



Parents and Jr Yogis (ages 8ish-13ish)

Yoga for Digestive Health

Meditation and Relaxation

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